End to End Renewable Energy Solution

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KRESNA KARYA PARISUDHA / KKP was established as Project & Financing Company in sectors of RENEWABLE ENERGY.

We – PT. KKP – has been tailoring some projects with some governments and private companies in Indonesia in the fields of:

  • Hybrid System PV Solar – Biomass Power Plant,
  • Hybrid System PV Solar – Municipal Solids Waste Power Plant
  • Biomass Pellet Production

We, build and deliver a beneficial, mutualism, win-win business relationship, reliable on technology & project quality

They brought along with them the 25 years of energy management and business modeling experiences into renewable energy business. His experiences in Energy & Utility was made the renewable energy business becomes much more attractive

We, PT. KRESNA KARYA PARISUDHA was committed to maintain the earth’s eco-system by plays an active role in air pollutant reduction, the eco-balance and green economic. We committed to dedicate our best effort in utilizing MSW, industrial and / or agricultural wastes and solar to be economical energy sources.

The application of non fossil fuel will give us some benefits – tangible and intangible as well – for our business and humans.

  • Industrial / Agricultural Waste, was costly , waste is expense. This paradigm was shifted become waste is cheap energy, cheap fuel and will never run out from our life.
  • Renewable Power Plant Development in rural areas by applying renewable sources and Green City Development by converting MSW to be electrical power.
  • Nowadays, renewable is an agent of image become key indicator to show that a corporate/government has been rolling out the business in healthy manners.

KRESNA KARYA PARISUDHA’S co-partners in developing B2B / Business To Business were experienced and long track records on their respective projects.


The Taiwanese company which bring the proven technology on PV Solar and its combination on Hybrid Systems Power Plant. The big five companies in Taiwan on PV solar System. Has developed Hybrid system on many countries out of Taiwan, i.e : Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.


The leading Japanese Technology on Waste To Energy, rural development and construction EPC Company. JFE Engineering’s had experience in Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation (WHRPG). The system is capable of efficiently recovering thermal energy from the hot exhaust gases produced by various industrial processes such as waste incineration, gas turbine power generation, steel-making, cement production, etc. and transforming it into electric power.

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